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Navigating Substance Use Concerns

Offering you a safe place to decompress and build resilience
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You may have arrived here because: 

- You desire to explore your use of substances in your life

- There is uncertainty about how substances are impacting your life, and you need support

- Others in your life are sharing concern about your use of substances and you want to explore this worry

- You feel an increase in stress and want to expand your understanding of coping skills

Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here. Please read on to see if I can offer you the support you need. 

Making time for yourself

 It can be hard to take time to pause and realize we need to give back to ourselves. Often, we can get focused on taking care of other people, busy in our lives and yet struggle to ask for that same support for ourselves. Therapy can be the place we go to feel heard, gain validation or even rethink our own limits. Sometimes perhaps all we need is a short-term reset to explore healthy living, or maybe it's a more long-tern support we need to process our own goals. Either way, learning to ask for help is hard and its okay to need support in order to get back on track.

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Why I am passionate about helping

​ Over the last eight years I have worked with individuals with substance use concerns and find it rewarding to a safe support to those trying to get well. I have offered insight into patterns of behavior and also explored pain points from the past which trigger use. I am motivated to help those who have goals of abstinence and also those who are working on moderation with substance use in therapy. I am happy to support clients as they figure out what works for their lives, as they learn more about the past and how this informs the present.

"Stephanie was able to get to the core of the probelm. I like that she helped me identify it, and then how to problem-solve."  -KM

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