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Therapy for Therapists

Offering you a place to decompress and offload
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You may have arrived here because: 

- You feel burnout and need a safe place to process your professional pain points

- There is secondary trauma from your work you do and it's impacting your life both professionally and personally 

- The stress in the work you do is overflowing into your personal life and it's hard to find balance 

- You feel an increase in stress and are not sure how to manage it along with the helping support your offer to others due to personal issues in your own life 

Whatever the reason, I am glad you are here. Please read on to see if my therapy services can offer you the support that you need. 

Making time for yourself

Therapists are by nature a giving group of people and it can be hard to take time to pause and realize we need to also give back to ourselves. Often when we are doing the work with others we are good at offering the support others need, yet struggle to ask for that same support for ourselves. Therapy can be the place we go to feel heard, gain the validation or even rethink our own limits. Sometimes perhaps all we need is a short-term reset in order to explore burnout, or maybe it's a more long-tern support we need to process our own struggles. It is crucial for therapist to stay healthy and therapy can be an outlet for making that time for sell-care.

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Why I am passionate about helping

Over the years I have spent time offering support to other therapist and find it so rewarding to be a place of safety and support to those helping others. I have offered insight into patterns of relating to clients that may keep therapists stuck and also explored pain points in their own lives that doing the work of therapy can bring up. 

I myself have sought out therapy when I hit burnout and know  it was what allowed me to find clarity and strength to come up from this difficult time in my career. I believe that we all need others at times, especially when the work we do is emotionally focused and requires us to be engaged with others in order to do good work. I am thankful I was able to get the help I needed and it made me a more effective therapist today. As a therapist in Overland Park, I want to offer that same support to local providers as they do the tough work day in and day out. I want to be their person who meets them where they are at and let's them find relief.

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