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Fennell LCPC

Caring Individual Therapist in Overland Park, Kansas 

Providing an authentic space so you can live a more satisfied life. I believe in the power of understanding in order to facilitate change. I am here to help you do the work and to help ease your transformation. I want to help you grow into who you can become.

A short introduction 
into who I am and my 
thoughts on therapy 

Areas of Expertise

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, 
Addiction, Complex-PTSD, and Emotional Intelligence

I started working in community mental health eight years ago and offered compassion to those struggling to see the path ahead. I've helped my clients work on trauma and learn to cope with overwhelming emotions. I’ve also worked with highly suicidal clients and provided them a space to reduce intensity of urges without judgment. I have used both Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and EMDR to help my clients gain increased confidence in themselves and their ability to have healthy relationships. I have taught skills to reduce stress and used psychodynamic therapy to help clients gain insight and perspective. I also find mindfulness an effective tool to help clients learn to be more present in their lives. My knowledge in emotional regulation is effective in helping individuals learn how to relate to themselves and change the way they cope. 

My goal at SMF Counseling is to help put you at ease by providing a space where you can be comfortable to share your life and work on your goals. I will work hard to build a relationship so you feel safe to become vulnerable about the tough stuff, which I believe is when the real change can begin. I will help you be honest with yourself in a nonjudgmental way. I currently offer telehealth therapy and am licensed in Kansas and Missouri. I look forward to getting to know you!


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